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Waterloo, IA Family Photography - Walton Family

This little gal has more style at one & a half than i have at 37!! With her shaggy orange bag and her super cute boots!! I'm already looking forward to her March session!!

Cedar Falls, IA Children's Photography - Brannon & Cael

I always look forward to my fall session with these boys! They are super cute and always fun. Brannon shot some hoops. We found a frog. We picked the last ear of corn. Oh yeah and we took a few pictures! One of these years we are going to have to get mom and dad into the pictures!

Reinbeck, Iowa Children's Photographer - Drake's One Year Birthday

I can hardly believe that Drake is a year old. What a punkin! We had such a lovely day to roam around his Grandparents farm. Then Drake got to enjoy his cake on his Nana's kitchen table. It was perfect!!

Reinbeck, Iowa Children's Photography - Claire (& Ethan)

Claire has come along way. She was one of my very first clients years ago. Back when she didn't want anything to do with me. These days I get the impression she actually enjoys having her picture taken. She is incredibly easy going. She does anything I ask of her and is more than willing to flash me her gorgeous smile on command! You know Ethan had to get in on the action too!

Cedar Falls, Iowa Family Photography - Jada's Family

How do I tell you about Jada's family with out gushing a little? They are a beautiful family; inside & out. Together we enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon at Hartman Reserve in Cedar Falls. Jada was more than eager to explore all there was to see.
I'm so excited that there's another one of them coming in the very near future!!

Cedar Falls, IA Family Photography - Tressler Family

Oh how I love this family. And I could go on and on about these boys. I always enjoy the conversations I have with Campbell. I know that he's kind of sniper. And I know that Dan appreciates the fact that Campbell actually gets his jokes. And Jamison is the sweetest little boy with the most endearing voice. I can never get enough of them. Oh yeah Brian and Heidi are great too!!

Morrison, Iowa Family Photography - Veda & Kali's Family

I got to meet up with Kali & Veda a couple weeks back on a gloomy Saturday morning. What beautiful little girls! While they loved my M&M's, the candy didn't quite make up for the fact that it was cold and wet that day. Sadly we had to cut things short as the rain came in but it was still really great to see them, even if just for a little while.

Reinbeck, Iowa Children's Photography - Jenna's Birthday

Jenna strolled into the studio like the diva that she is! What a cutie! I can't believe she is already a year old! She had lots of smiles for me and that red hair! I love it! Not sure how much she enjoyed her cake but she was quite attached to the candle and frosting. Happy Birthday Day Jenna!

Reinbeck, Iowa Talent Photography -Rebecca

Rebecca came to me on the verge of a great adventure! I had a really great time getting to know her better during the few hour we spent shooting her photos. Plus what photographer doesn't love a girl that comes with a ton of great clothes and her own props!
I would love to own this building some day. It's something I'm going to keep my eye on! I don't even think i would paint the walls (but i may update the floor a bit, lol). And of course i would negotiate for the chair to stay with the building!
Thank you to Shorty Johnson Farms. What a great back drop for these photos!! And to the kind chicken who regularly gives up her eggs so that i can enjoy breakfast and kindly allowed us to handle her. (no chickens were harmed during the shooting of these photos)

Reinbeck, Iowa Children's Photography - Henry & Haylee

Henry & his new little sister Haylee came to visit me the other day. I hadn't seen Henry in a year and he is still adorable, just bigger! He and Dan really hit it off, the bouncy balls were a huge hit! Haylee was as sweet as could be. Such a tiny little thing but she did have a few great big smiles for me!!!


Morgan and her mom came along with Ethan a few weeks back. What a beautiful girl! And I loved her genuine smiles!

Ethan: 1 Year Old

Ethan went from this.....

To this.... in one year! What a big boy he is now! And such a nice little boy too!! And patient, he sat while we did photos for his cousin Morgan and never made a peep. Just watched and had some juice. I hope his next year goes a little slower. Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

And you can't have a first birthday with out some CAKE!!! The beautiful cupcake was courtesy of Jill Schares!

Breckin 3 months

Boys Boys Boys! I've had lots of boys this summer but again this one was on his best behavior the whole time he was here. What a sweet baby. He definitely only had eyes for mom though.
(I can't help but see some similarities to his big cousin Isabelle here and here.)

Drake 9 months

As I post this I'm realizing Drake's one year birthday is just around the corner. How is that possible? Wasn't it just the other day that he was a little tiny, skinny newborn?