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Derick Niedert | Senior Photography | Parkersburg, Iowa

These photos were bittersweet for me. I remember the day Derick was born, getting the phone call from Brian in Arizona. I remember when Derick dressed up as an Indian for Halloween but didn't want to go to any of my neighbors because they were too scary. I remember his infectious smile (the picture he is holding of himself as a child i took as well. who would have thought!) I remember watching him tear around on his bike in the driveway. I remember long talks about school and girls and his future. I remember how he would hang out all evening with us just sitting around the camp fire instead of going out with his friends (ok that was just last summer but still!). I had a great time getting these shots last summer. He was a trooper meeting me where ever i wanted to meet, when ever i wanted to meet. I've enjoyed watching him grow up and am excited to see what the future has in store for him. Good luck Dirk, we love you!

This picture is like a time warp to my eyes.

Brady | Newborn Photographer | Hudson, Iowa

It seemed like we waited forever for Brady to get here! I swear that was the longest 9 months ever. He was only 4 days old when he came to see me. What a wonderfully sweet, beautiful baby! I'm so glad we did these pictures early on because I'm amazed how different he looks today at 5 and half weeks old!

Stratton 2 Years | Cedar Falls, Iowa | Family Photographer

Stratton invited me over to his house before his birthday party in February. Oh we had such a fun time! He showed me the new bike he got for his birthday and he introduced me to his cousin and to his furry buddy Oo-oo (you know the noise a monkey makes, come on work with me here!). Stratton is quite the kid, he's incredibly well behaved and has a huge vocabulary. How is it possible that this(oh gosh i'd forgot how much i enjoyed this little video) little baby has grown into this amazing little person!

Reese 3 Years Old | Child Photography | Iowa

I love Reese. She is her own girl. I love hearing her mom tell me how she is not like her brothers and sisters (whom i also love!). Reese does her own thing, she is not a slave to conformity.
She didn't want to take her pretty boots off. She wanted to wear a necklace. She didn't want to change her clothes. She didn't want to smile (but boy did she!). Oh yeah and eventually she changed her boots too but in her own time! 

Denise | Maternity Photography | Hudson, Iowa

My dear, sweet friend Denise was about 16 days from delivering in these photos. I had to be a little pushy to get her to agree to letting me take these but i think she was glad we did it in the end. I'm in love with these pictures but then i'm in love with this whole family!

Amya | Newborn Photography | Reinbeck, Iowa

I visited Amya & her mom at their home in Reinbeck on a snowy morning in January. What a beautiful little girl! She was just sweet!